Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 646

I shot some short videos for my physician client today about Pediatric Care and Diabetes Management. While I was at the clinic, I also got some new blood tests done and got a referral for physical therapy on my neck.

Everyone seems to want to add video to their websites these days. On one hand, this is a good thing because I've been producing and editing videos for many years. On the other hand, nobody really values what I do anymore because they've all got HD cameras and are doing their own YouTube videos. Projects that used to require a three day trip to Los Angeles just for the editing portion, are now expected to be completed and on the web in an hour or two. I shouldn't complain though. I'm still working everyday and a lot of people aren't.

The weather was actually cool this morning. At first I wished I'd worn a light jacket, but once the dogs and I had been moving a while, the temperature felt great. It was surprising how quickly the Summer heat wave ended. After months of triple digit temperatures, the hot weather just abruptly ended. From now through the end of October, things should be very pleasant. This is usually the nicest time of the year in Texas. We should have a good weekend for our Dalmatian Rescue Golf Tournament and then it will be time for the State Fair.

Today's market sell-off was totally disgusting. Stocks went down. Commodities went down. Even gold went down. It's getting harder and harder to find a safe haven. It's not very wise to go short anymore when things are so volatile and apparently random. One day the market will be up several hundred points and the next day it will be down by the same amount, even though nothing has fundamentally changed. I keep hearing that this is a good time to pick up some undervalued bargains, but I did that several months ago and everything I bought is lower now.

The dogs have it so easy. They don't worry about any of this stuff. I envy Dot and Dash sometimes. Of course, they probably envy me as well. I can open doors.

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