Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 647

I got some Chili at Central Market today. I've been hungry for Chili all day and take this as a good sign, especially since I haven't been hungry for anything for the past several weeks. Maybe my appetite is finally returning, one spice at a time.

I got an amazing amount of stuff done today. The only explanation for this productivity I can think of was that there really wasn't much else to do anyway. I finished editing the two videos I shot yesterday and got them both up and running on the doctor's website. I wrote a new watch article and got my monthly writer's group submission finished and turned in as well. This might not seem like a lot of work, but video editing is a lot more time consuming than writing. To finish two commercials in a day is actually pretty good.

When I was walking the dogs this evening, I slipped on some loose gravel. Yikes! My neck didn't like that one bit. I'm so tired of feeling fragile. I'm gaining a little more mobility every day, but this recovery is going so slow. I sure hope this neck problem heals quicker than the dislocated shoulder I had a couple of years ago. That mishap seemed to take months before everything returned to normal. Walking the dogs four to five miles a day has been a mixed blessing. I'm in a lot better shape than I would be otherwise, but the dogs are strong and they've definitely taken their toll on me. When they both see a squirrel at the same time, it's all I can do to hold on to them. Did I mention the dislocated shoulder...

This weekend is the big Dalmatian Rescue Charity Golf Tournament. A lot is riding on this tournament, since the rescue group makes over half of its yearly income on this one event. This year, Dot and Dash are going to the event as "ambassadors." It's kind of a tradition to bring dogs to the tournament. The really well behaved dogs ride around in golf carts and visit the players, while the rest hang around the clubhouse and beg for treats. Dot and Dash are getting a bath tomorrow, so they'll look good at the event. I'll take a bath too, but I'm mostly worried about making sure I have enough fully charged batteries to take the hundreds of pictures I'll need for the dinner presentation. After doing these golf pictures for all these years, I have a lot of respect for sports photographers. Compared to my days of shooting fashion, sports photography is hard work.

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