Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 650

Just an ordinary Monday. I paid some bills. I called some clients. I went and bought some frames for a photo commission I got recently. Since I've been getting e-mails almost every day saying the special Avid Media Composer cross promotion for Final Cut Pro users was almost over, I went over to Videotex and picked up a copy of Media Composer. While I was there I got some other video stuff as well, in hopes that my video production business will improve. Probably most importantly, I also made an appointment for physical therapy on my neck. Yesterday at the golf tournament, I talked to several people who had neck and back problems. This wasn't too encouraging, since it appears that all neck injuries take a long time to recover from.

I think it's time to start looking for a new mattress. Like most things in my life, this seemingly easy task is going to be a giant pain. We have one of those low platform beds that you can't use a regular mattress and box spring set with. There are a few companies who make good quality king size mattresses for this type of bed, but they are never stocked by your typical Mattress Universe store. Usually you have to go to a store like Design Within Reach and special order something from Italy or something. All I know is that it will cost way more than any sensible person would want to pay for a mattress and won't arrive until months after my neck has finally healed.

Someone asked me today if I'd be interested in writing reviews of childern's books. Wow. That would be a stretch. I've never had children. I don't really understand children. And can't remember ever reading a children's book. Now, if you asked me to write reviews about German watches, fast cars or DSLR cameras...that I could do.

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