Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 652

Today, I went back and forth between writing an article about the new Versace Collection at Milan Fashion Week, as if I was actually there, and looking for a good picture to memorialize Edgar the dead cat. What a twisted path my career has become. I used to write nice normal television commercials about fast food and soft drinks. Today I sling words together in ways I never would have dreamed possible during my ad agency days. It's a living, I guess. At least I can sleep in till 9 and I don't have to face rush hour traffic.

Occasionally, I wonder if there are even any nice, normal television commercials to write anymore. All I see on TV these days are commercials for pharmaceutical companies with a message that is basically a long legal disclaimer that says there's a good chance this drug will probably kill you, but hey, why don't you try it anyway, just in case it might work on you. The only other thing on TV are all the ads for lawyers that say if you were foolish enough to take one of these pills that are advertised on TV, call 1-800-BAD-DRUG immediately and you may be eligible for a financial settlement. It's definitely a weird world we live in.

The aggressive dog didn't come back to training class tonight, so everything was a lot more relaxed. Dash would have done really well if he didn't have a guy with a bad neck on the other end of his leash. Dot had one of her best night's ever. The only bad thing about class tonight is that it's starting to get dark again. By the time class was over, it was completely dark and we were all standing under little pools of artificial light, wondering where the Summer had gone.

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