Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 653

I delivered my picture of Edgar the cat today. On the way home, I stopped by a nearby Design Within Reach store and looked at mattresses. I found one that was just about perfect. I didn't buy it though, because rule number one about mattresses is to never buy one unless both people like it. Now, Janet has got to find time to go to the store and try the mattress too. If she likes it, we'll buy it and then wait and wait and wait as it travels by slow boat from wherever it comes from. That's the thing about buying furniture from a furniture showroom. You can't actually buy what's in the store. I can recall waiting six months for certain pieces of furniture I got at Palazzetti to arrive. The mattress shouldn't take nearly that long. I hope not anyway. A young designer told me that orders usually only take two or three weeks to deliver.

I wrote a watch article today about a watch that one of the popular watch blogs recently said was one of the ugliest watches that had ever been manufactured. Of course I took a much different slant on things in my article. For a brief moment I wondered if I would ruin my reputation by saying great things about a watch that everyone else hated. Then I remembered that I was in advertising. Advertising people can't ruin their reputation. We never had one in the first place.

The physical therapy place called me for the third time to remind me about my appointment tomorrow. Jeez. How am I going to forget to go to this place when my neck hurts? Believe me, I'll be there tomorrow. I hope they come up with a good plan for me, because I'm getting real tired of walking around like I was made of eggshells and plaster. Things are getting a little better though. At least I can turn my head enough now to see the oncoming traffic when I back out of the driveway.

I still haven't gotten around to installing the Avid Media Composer software I got earlier in the week. I still haven't gotten any new video jobs either, so I guess there is no big hurry.

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