Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 657

I went for my second physical therapy session today. They think I'm a good candidate for traction therapy since I relax easily and don't tense up when they start pulling on my neck. Truthfully, I could could easily fall asleep during physical therapy if they didn't ask me to do things occasionally. It's relaxing to be in situations where I don't have to think. Walking the dogs is relaxing. Clients and working usually isn't.

I was hoping for a little financial therapy today as well, but after meeting with my financial adviser this afternoon, we both agreed that the next several months didn't look very promising. Greece is almost certain to default on its debt. Many think the double dip recession we've been worried about all Summer is already here. I can't imagine that the 12 member debt super committee is going to accomplish much either. I've picked up some inverse positions to cushion the blow, but it's still going to be a dismal year. Oh, and did I mention that the Dow hit a new low for the year today.

Fall is definitely here. I had to wear a light jacket when I took the dogs on their morning walk. I saw a huge Red Tail Hawk sitting on top of a pine tree today. This was the first hawk I've seen this season. Pretty soon the Cormorants will be returning to the lake. After the Cormorants come the Pelicans and by then our impossibly hot Summer will have become a distant memory.

I didn't make much progress on my backlog of website updates today. There's always tomorrow for that.

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