Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 661

I don't know if I'm ever going to get caught up. For the first time in months, I've got a backlog of video, writing and web projects sitting on my desk. I worked on writing assignments and web emergencies today. Web emergencies are weird. They usually involve information that has been sitting in plain sight for six months or more. Eventually, the client looks at this information and realizes it is all wrong. I get a frantic call saying that I've got to change things immediately. Usually the incorrect information came directly from the client in the first place, but it's not my job to point that out.

When I went to physical therapy today, I mentioned to the therapist that his neck pulling machine reminded me a lot of a medieval rack. He started laughing and said it was exactly the same as a medieval rack, except that his machine was electronic. I'm discovering that my neck problem was caused by a dislocated shoulder that never really healed. I've gotten so used to the dogs pulling my shoulder out of joint that I guess I don't really think about it any more. At any rate, I now have a group of exercises designed to realign my shoulder to go along with my daily neck exercises. I'm not big on doing exercises of any sort, but I'm doing my best to keep up with these because I don't look forward to straining my neck again.

I couldn't figure out why the traffic was so heavy today and then I realized that it was Texas-OU weekend again. Tomorrow is a normal Saturday, filled with shopping and errands, but I'm going to make a special point of avoiding the Cotton Bowl or anywhere libations are served. I don't think the revelers will find any reason to flock to the park. One can only hope anyway.

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