Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 662

Our neighborhood health food store was having another of their periodic cholesterol screenings this morning, so Janet and I decided to go early this time and beat the long lines of old people who are usually there ahead of us. When we got to the store, there wasn't a line at all, which surprised me. I opened the door and went inside and all of the sudden all these car doors opened in unison and a bunch of old people got out of their cars and started walking slowly toward the store. We weren't even close to being the first people to arrive, we were just the first people to open the door. I still don't know what everybody else was waiting for. The store was supposed to be open when we arrived. The lights weren't on yet though. Maybe that stopped them. If there is a lesson in all this, I guess it would be that when you come to a door, you should always try opening it. We did end up being the first in line for the blood tests.

After eating a big breakfast as soon as we finished the cholesterol test, we went up to the Velvet Snout to photograph another new Dalmatian Rescue dog. This dog's name is Madison and she is cute as a button. I went ahead and made her today's Dalmatian of the Day, because some of you might be getting tired of seeing dogs that found their forever homes years ago. We don't get as many dogs in the rescue program as we used to. That's a good thing too! Back when the Disney movies were popular, there were more abandoned Dalmatians than we could handle.

I spent the rest of the day getting groceries and doing the usual Saturday errands. Added to today's to-do list was a trip to Competitive Camera to pick up some gear I had ordered a long time ago. I love spending time in camera stores. I'd like to scoop up everything and take it home with me, which is probably why I have more equipment than I actually need. I noticed that more and more display screens on the back of digital cameras are touch screens now. Some will focus and take an exposure when you touch a specific area of the screen. Hmm. Where have I seen that before? It's weird when high end DSLR cameras are starting to copy features off the iPhone.

Halloween is right around the corner. Every store I went to today was full of pumpkins and other Halloween paraphernalia. We'll have to start thinking of costumes again for the annual dog training class Halloween party. Last year Dash won a prize. We put a baseball cap on him and called him a Texas Ranger. The Rangers happened to be playing in a World Series playoff game that evening and when they won, Dash got swept along to victory as well. We may have to try a little harder this year.

Madison is today's Dalmatian of the Day

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