Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 664

Sometimes I wish I spent my idle time wandering through art museums or nursing a cappuccino in a pleasant sidewalk cafe. Not very likely. I often spend my idle time sweeping thousands of pounds of water off the roof with a big push broom. It's actually kind of pleasant up on the roof. There are no telephones. There are no computers full of projects with looming deadlines. I've actually come up with a lot of good ideas up on the roof. Of course today, I completely forgotten most of my brainstorms two hours later.

Walking the dogs is also good for daydreaming, but I've got to stay a lot more alert than I used to. Sometimes, there are loose pitbulls in the park which may or may not be friendly. After being bitten by some unfriendly dogs, I'm a lot more cautious these days. There are also big piles of horse poop that I need to avoid before the dogs get close enough to start eating them. In the Summer there are snakes to avoid. In the Winter, there are Coyotes. I'm not complaining though. Even with all the distractions, walking the dogs is much more relaxing than anything else I do.

Surprisingly, physical therapy is actually kind of relaxing. I'm actually going to miss my therapy sessions when they conclude at the end of this week. Maybe I ought to start going to a gym. I've always hated the idea of going to a gym, but now I'm thinking it might not be so bad. My body could certainly use the exercise. I always thought I was in great shape, especially since I walk the dogs four or five miles a day, but as it turns out, my upper body is a mess. All these years, I've been compensating for an old shoulder injury and my right shoulder is only half as strong as the left shoulder.

I received some background material from Germany to read for an upcoming oil and gas article I'm going to be writing. The Microsoft Word document had comments and annotations in three different languages. Whoa. “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore“ I think this job is going to be a little harder than changing out employee pictures on websites.

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