Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 667

It was a nice day. I got up early to meet the Design Within Reach truck. For some reason, they decided to deliver our new mattress at 8 AM this morning. The mattress arrived compressed in a huge tube. The delivery guys said I was supposed to unseal the tube and the mattress would uncoil and spring back to its original shape. I wasn't sure if this expansion process was gradual or an explosion, so I decided not to open the package until later.

The dogs and I ate breakfast, had a nice walk in the cool Fall weather and then returned to face the large box in the living room with a rolled up king sized mattress inside. I took the tube out of the cardboard box and placed it on top of the existing mattress. This way, if things didn't go as planned when the compressed foam expanded, there wouldn't be other things in the way that could get broken. Sure enough, when I broke the seal on the heavy vinyl tube, the rolled up mattress slowly began to uncoil and return to its original shape. The delivery guys told me that the mattress could take up to 8 hours to fully expand, but it looked pretty normal after just twenty minutes.

I didn't get a single call from clients today, which gave me the time I needed to finally finish updating the animal rescue site I've been working on all week. I added 42 new pages to the site, uploaded everything to the server and then went to Bed Bath and Beyond to look for a mattress pad for the new mattress. Why do mattress pads cost over $100 these days? Probably for the same reasons fry pans and chef knives cost over $100. Whenever I buy something cheap at Bed Bath and Beyond, there are tons of those blue 20% off coupons around the house. Today, when I needed a coupon, I couldn't find any. Oh, well.

Tomorrow is my last physical therapy session. My neck is still a little sore, but the therapy has made a huge difference. I'm really glad I took this route, rather than just trying to mask things with pain pills. If I have the discipline to continue all the exercises they have designed for me, I should be in a lot better shape six months from now.

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