Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 674

As we were walking towards a brushy area on our morning walk, the dogs and I encountered a woman with two dogs of her own who suggested we might ought to change course because she had just seen a Bobcat go into the brush. I've heard several neighbors tell me about Bobcats in the park, but I've never actually seen one. With two dogs who are always eager to chase anything, I didn't really want a close encounter with a Bobcat. We went around the brushy thicket instead of through it as we usually do. I suspect that that there really was a Bobcat in the brush, because as we were walking around the thicket, we encountered two rabbits who refused to move as we approached. Usually rabbits will quickly disappear into the vegetation whenever two Dalmatians approach. These bunnies didn't want to go anywhere near the thicket. They stayed perfectly still with their ears flattened as we passed them. I wish I could take the dogs to an "animals to avoid" class. First it was the coyotes. Then it was poisonous snakes. Now, I've got to add Bobcats to the list of critters to steer clear of.

When we returned home, I fixed myself a tasty omelet and watched the stock market act irrationally on TV while I ate breakfast. I could have watched the death of Muammar Gaddafi on another channel, but I'm really getting tired of hearing about strife and civil unrest. The market isn't very peaceful either, but I still find it interesting. Apple stock continues to drop after the company missed their quarterly numbers for the first time ever. Maybe it will drop low enough so I can eventually afford to buy it back again. Selling Apple earlier this year still has to be one of the dumbest investment decisions I've ever made.

Oh, well. I guess it's decisions like this that keep me working. I finished a writing assignment today and made my usual website updates. Towards the end of the day, I got a call from the Land Rover dealer saying my car was ready. Since I hadn't taken the dogs on their evening walk yet, I told them I'd pick the car up in the morning. Dinner had to be postponed a bit tonight because of an animal rescue meeting at 6 PM. I often don't go to these Thursday meetings because it's so hard to get out of the driveway during the evening rush hour. For some reason it seemed like I ought to go tonight though. By the time I got the trash out to the street for tomorrow's pickup, it was completely dark.

Just in case you were wondering, the furnace works great after it's inaugural run last night and the house is toasty warm.

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