Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 677

The dogs were totally disgusted with us today. We drove them all the way up to the Wagging Tail dog park, only to discover that it was closed all day due to standing water. Since there was nowhere else nearby to let the dogs out, we had to drive all the way home again without letting them out of the car. Later in the day, we decided to give them a treat and take them to Cafe Lago with us for dinner, but once again, when we arrived at the dog friendly neighborhood restaurant, it was closed.

It was that kind of a day. We got off to a real late start this morning because a series of overnight thunderstorms kept waking us up. Dot has always had a phobia of storms, but now she seems to have transferred her fears to Dash as well. Every time there was a loud thunderbolt or burst of wind, one of the dogs started barking. Usually just throwing a blanket over the dogs calms them down, but this was a bad storm. There was even hail pounding on the roof at some point.

The big overnight rain meant I had to spend some time on the roof this afternoon getting rid of the standing water. I need to go find a more powerful sump pump. When the pump was working correctly, I could clear the entire roof in about 20 minutes. Now, the pump is so anemic that it takes me over an hour to get the water off. The pump does a little of the work, but mostly it's just me and a big broom.

I tried to rearrange the office a bit this afternoon to make my camera gear more accessible. I figured that if my camera gear was easier for me to reach, I might take more pictures. The cameras are much easier to access now, but unfortunately there was a trade-off. Some of my shoes are stored so high up in bins on the wall that I need a stepladder to get them. So, why are my shoes stored in the office, you might ask? Well, there just isn't any room for them anywhere else.

It looks like a busy week ahead. Dot and Dash both have to go to the vet: Dot to get her teeth cleaned and Dash for his regular antigen shot. I need to go back to the Land Rover dealer to get them to turn the red "service engine" light off again too. That engine better not need service after spending a week in the shop recently. I can't forget that Wednesday is the annual Halloween party for the dog training class. Oh, and there's probably lots of website work to do too. There always is.

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