Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 689

We had our first frost last night. I'm still not sure what the difference is between a frost and a freeze, but it must have gotten below 32 degrees at some point. When I walked the dogs this morning, there were still ice crystals on a lot of the plants in shady areas the sun hadn't reached yet. As the weather gets colder, I start dressing warmer. When it gets real cold, the dogs have coats as well. For the most part, I like these Winter walks. We seldom have to compete with joggers and mountain bikes on the trails during the Winter. From now through Spring, we pretty much have the park to ourselves in the mornings.

Of course, we usually have the rest of the day to ourselves as well. Today was no exception. When we got back from making tracks in the frosty grass, I made a pot of coffee, fried some eggs and got started on another day. These days all kind of blend together. I can't even remember which websites I modified today. I wrote another watch article, which seemed very much like the one I wrote yesterday. I paid a few bills, and since it was Friday, I went to Central Market to pick up some things for dinner. Just another normal day.

We've added a few new locations to our Christmas pet photo schedule. I don't look forward to lugging the equipment to yet another venue, but I am glad that we've got an opportunity to make some additional money for the Dalmatians. The new muslin backdrop arrived this week, so the people who come to these events every year will finally get pictures that look a little different than the year before. Santa has lost some weight this year as well, so I need to remember to punch new holes in Santa's big leather belt. I think everything is ready, and there's still several weeks until our first event.

I think Winter is officially here. If the weather cooperates this weekend, I'll mow the grass for the last time this season. There won't be any rotting pumpkins on the front porch this Winter, because I never got around to buying one this year. I've noticed that the leaves are already starting to fall off the large Oak trees in the back yard. Hopefully the leaves will cover up some of the bare spots in the lawn.

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