Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 706

I had my annual physical exam today, which meant I didn't get much else done. I don't know why doctor's visits always have to take so long. I've never been to a doctor yet where I didn't have to wait in the lobby for at least twenty minutes. The physical exam always seems to take longer than a normal visit too. You sit in the lobby for a while, and then you sit in a succession of small rooms while waiting for each individual test to be completed. By the time you actually see the doctor, you are usually in such a hurry to leave that you forget to ask the questions you've been puzzled about all year.

When the exam was completed and I finished picking up my new prescriptions at the pharmacy, the day was over. All I had time to do was take the dogs on their evening walk.

It's a good thing that I walked the dogs when I did too. It had been drizzling all day, but shortly after we got home, it started raining in earnest. If memory serves me correctly, this is about when the rainy season starts in Dallas. Sometimes it starts a little earlier, but November is never very nice.

Today was a waste, but I doubt that I'll get a whole lot done tomorrow either. I have to go for more blood tests at the doctor's office in the morning. In the afternoon, I need to take Dash to the vet for his antigen shot. I promised to take some more employee pictures tomorrow as well. It looks like the weekly writing assignments might have to wait until Wednesday.

Probably the only good thing about being at the doctor's office today is that I didn't have to sit and watch the stock market implode again on TV. I'm beginning to wonder if this will ever end. Even my doctor is starting to worry about the economy. When a doctor starts to worry about money, you know things are bad.

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