Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 707

I don't really like to fast before going in for a blood test, so to reward myself, I usually go out for breakfast at a neighborhood restaurant as soon as the test is finished. Today, my breakfast was closer to lunch because there were two fat people ahead of me at the lab and the technicians were having trouble finding a vein. The nurse never has trouble finding my veins. They're right out there on the surface.

By the time I got to the Broken Egg Cafe, I was hungry. I ordered a hearty skillet breakfast filled with mushrooms, bacon, ham, eggs and cheese, and then went home and fed the dogs their rice cakes for lunch.

I'm sure that Dot and Dash would have preferred trading places with me for breakfast, but the vet says that I need to watch their weight as they get older. Nobody is telling me to watch my own weight. I just don't seem to gain weight.

I took Dash along when I went to take some new employee pictures for a veterinarian client this afternoon. Taking Dash with me saved a trip, since he needed his antigen shot today anyway. He seemed a bit miffed when he had to stay in a crate while I took the photos, but all-in-all, he was pretty well behaved.

When the photoshoot/vet visit was finished, I took Dash home again and went to the pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions that weren't ready yesterday. A trip to the shoe repair shop and the health food store on the way home completed the day's errands and it was soon time to take the dogs on their evening walk. It's amazing how a few little errands can eat up your entire day. I think I'm terribly slow until I venture outside the office. It's then that I realize that everyone else is even slower than I am.

I usually drive down to Dealey Plaza on November 22 to take pictures of all the conspiracy nuts who gather here on this day to talk about who really killed John Kennedy. I didn't have time to make the trip today and I wasn't even doing anything important. It's kind of sad that the trivial mechanics of day-to-day living have consumed just about all the time I have.

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