Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 726

Where did this weekend go? At the end of the day, I still hadn't gone to the grocery store, vacuumed the house, or done half a dozen other things that I usually do on weekends. I did get all the photo equipment put away from yesterday's Santa Paws event. I did some laundry and printed out this month's invoices to mail tomorrow, but that was about it. From that point, the day literally went to the dogs.

Dot and Dash got their usual Sunday trip to the Wagging Tail Dog Park, but what really ate up our time was deciding to get Santa photos of our own dogs. We took the dogs to another rescue group's Santa photo event, and waited and waited and waited. This group wasn't nearly as well organized as our Dalmatian Rescue team. These guys scheduled the dogs way too close together. They put the printing and order taking folks in the same room with the photographer, so the space was extremely cramped. Their backdrop was all wrong and Santa had the cheesiest looking beard I've ever seen. Of course, our own dogs didn't help matters either. Dot didn't want to have anything to do with Santa and Dash almost knocked over the entire set. I kept wanting to tell these folks how to do Santa pictures the right way, but I think Janet wanted me to keep my mouth shut.

With the Santa picture ordeal out of the way, I tried to get a little of my own work done and then took Dot and Dash on their evening walk. I sure wish this was a three day weekend. I could certainly use an extra day. I still need to go to the grocery store. I also need to do some research on the guy I'm supposed to interview in Houston. I don't want to look like a complete idiot when I arrive at his offices. I need to write some more watch articles too. I'm surprised at how many I've already written, but I'm still not even close to completing my client's year end goal.

Things are so busy that I may even need to eat cereal for breakfast next week. I love my leisurely and often extravagant breakfasts, but I'm not going to miss a deadline just so I can eat French Toast.

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