Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 729

The weather was absolutely miserable today. It rained all day. Even though I put their nicely fitting, waterproof raincoats on them, Dot and Dash didn't want to go outside at all. Too bad they never learned to poop in the back yard like normal dogs. Rain or shine, they insist on walking all the way to their designated place in the park to do their business. That's what we did today. Twice. We got soaked of course, but I just threw all the soggy clothes and dog raincoats in the dryer and twenty minutes later everything was back to normal.

On rainy days like this, just about the only thing you can do is sit at the computer and work. I certainly had plenty of work to catch up on. As the rain assaulted my leak prone roof, I methodically worked my way through yesterday's surprisingly large pile of requests. By the end of the day I had finished several major website updates and written another watch article. I still haven't started on my article about the oil and gas industry, but with any luck I'll be able put that project on the front burner tomorrow.

I tried to get some of the water off the roof after dinner, but it was a futile effort. It's still raining. At least the dogs didn't have to go to class tonight. I noticed that the class hadn't been canceled tonight on their website, so there are probably a few crazy people up there right now doing their training exercises in the rain. Our dogs have already been wet today though. Enough is enough.

Tomorrow is my blogiversary. I'd like to say I had something really special planned, but you guys know me better than that by now. It will just be another day. I'll let you know what happened though. I always do.

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