Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 760

I got up early this morning to have my cholesterol tested at the neighborhood health food store. I used to have to stand in a long line for these low cost blood tests, because there are a lot of old people in the neighborhood who apparently get up at the crack of dawn to come to these events. I finally discovered a surefire way to be first in line every time. I come about ten minutes before the store opens and stand in front of the door. I'm never the first to arrive. I'm just the first to get out of my car. The rest of the people sit in their cars until the owner opens the door and turns on the "open" sign in the window. Sure enough, I was first in line again today. It's a simple plan, but it works every time.

We had reservations for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the art museum at 1 PM, so wouldn't you know; just about when we were getting in the car to go downtown, the telephone repairman arrives to check on a buzz in the line. It never fails. I'd called the telephone company two weeks ago about this noisy line, but they never told me when they were going to come fix it. I opened up the back gate, so the guy could get to the box on the side of the house, and then we left. As you might expect, when we got home, the buzzing noise in the line was just as loud as it was before. I've lost all faith in repair people. Basically, we live in a throw away society and nobody can fix anything.

It was fun going to the exhibit. I haven't been downtown in several years. I used to have a lot of clients with downtown offices, but they all moved to the suburbs years ago. Downtown Dallas appears to be thriving though. There were lots of new buildings; especially in the arts district.

If you are even remotely interested in fashion, the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit is well worth seeing. Is it art? Definitely! I know it's just a bunch of dresses, but there was more creativity and imagination here than I saw hanging on the walls in the rest of the museum. All that being said, Jean Paul Gaultier is definitely an acquired taste. I couldn't imagine anyone actually wearing most of these androgynous, bondage inspired outfits. The show was spectacular though. The mannequins were eerie, with the lifelike moving eyes and mouth that was projected on each face. From a few feet away, the mannequins looked like they were alive.

Once we were back home again, I had difficulty telling whether the furnace was working or not. I know it's the middle of Winter, but it got so warm today we almost had to turn the air conditioner on.

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  1. I tried showing up early at the Costco Tire shop (30 minutes prior to store opening), only to find 10 people already in line. It was 30 degrees, but nobody was sitting in their cars. By the time the store opened there were an additional 20 people behind me. We all tried to crowd into the warmth of the store when it opened, but we couldn't all fit. This is the kind of a business we all wish we had: 30 people standing in line waiting to get in.

  2. I'm not sure I'd find the fashion that interesting. At the Philly Flower Show there is always a section of dresses from flowers and plant material. I would call them interesting, but I guess the topic just doesn't grab me.

  3. I always get to my barber's before they open. I am normally first but on rare occasions I am second. I think that is a sign that I am getting old.