Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 764

Nobody wanted their picture taken today. I asked several employees why I was even there if nobody wanted their picture taken and received the answer I kind of expected. The boss wanted everyone to have their picture taken. Of course, nobody bothered to do their makeup, so they're not going to be happy with these pictures either. Sometimes I think this particular client does these pictures just so they can all make fun of each other.

If you happen to be planning a new company website, I'd encourage you to just skip the section with the employee bios and pictures. It's a giant waste of time. Employees are never happy with their pictures. They leave and take new jobs as soon as you get their page in place. Job titles change with regularity. It's a lot of wasted effort.

I was so focused on getting my quarterly estimated taxes in the mail yesterday that I totally forgot there were a lot of other mid-month bills I needed to pay. I spent an hour or so writing checks and then it was back to the post office again. It would have been nice if I'd remembered this yesterday, but I can't remember anything anymore.

Do you ever go through periods where you feel that everything you do is pointless? I think I'm in one of those periods. I'm really busy and have plenty to do everyday, but I'm increasingly convinced that if I were to quit everything and didn't even bother to get out of bed in the morning, nothing I did would even be missed. Life would just continue to roll along like usual.

Maybe the dogs feel this way at training class. "Sit, stay, heel." What does it all really mean? Does it even matter? Sometimes I think my clients are saying exactly the same thing to me. "Sit, stay, heel." I listen and try my best to comply, but sometimes a client's directives make about as much sense as the English language does to a dog.

Complete silence from the shopping channel folks today. I don't think I'm destined to become the next Billy Mays or Anthony Sullivan.

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  1. I think the feelings of worthlessness come and go quite often in WINTER. By the way, "sit, stay, heal" should read "sit, stay, HEEL."

  2. I struggle with the pointless issue a lot. Fortunately I've managed to complete a few projects in my life that make me feel I've accomplished something.