Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 840

What a day. There were tornadoes all around us for most of the afternoon, some of them large enough to make it on the national news. Luckily, most of the really bad weather was a little South of us. Although the roof will probably leak tonight, we didn't suffer any damage. I couldn't convince the dogs that everything was fine, however. They were both convinced that the sky was falling and cowered under my desk until the rain finally quit.

Poor Dot. Right in the middle of the storm, the washing machine repairman arrived and she had to face her two worst fears at the same time. She's asleep now. I think having a repairman in the house and the same time there was thunder and lighting outside wore her out. I was surprised that the repairman kept his appointment, because the weather was genuinely terrible. I asked him if he had trouble driving over to my place, and he said no. "There was a tornado about five miles South of me when I was on the freeway," he said and then added, "It was no big deal." I'm glad he came, because the washing machine is finally fixed.

Understandably, the electrician did not come out today. Nobody in their right mind would want to replace a mercury vapor lamp sitting on top of a tall pole in the middle of a thunderstorm. I think the storms are moving to the East, so maybe we can get the lamp fixed tomorrow.

Getting the dogs walked was a problem. I wish they'd both learn to poop in the yard. I waited until the weather app on my iPhone said the storm had passed and out we went. Before we had even walked 100 yards, there was a bright flash of lightning and about five seconds later a huge thunderclap. That's all it took. Dot and Dash couldn't get home fast enough. About an hour later, when the radar showed absolutely nothing in the vicinity, we tried again. It was almost dark, but this time the walk was a success.

I got quite a bit of work finished today. There certainly wasn't much else to do. I'm glad the power didn't go out. That's what usually happens on days like these. I postponed Dash's antigen shot until tomorrow. His appointment was right during the worst of the storm and the last thing I wanted was to be sucked up in a tornado with a dog in the car.

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  1. I came back tonight to see if you posted. Glad all is well. OK, I know the dogs are upset and the roof is leaking, but hey, you have a roof.