Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 970

I'm trying to eat more fruit. I've acquired a taste for mangoes lately and thought I'd buy a few while I was at the grocery store. Instead of doing the sensible thing and buying whole mangoes, I got a box of mangoes that had already been sliced. "How do you tell if these are any good," a guy next to me asked. "These look good," I said. "They're all nice and yellow." Shows what I know about picking fruit. When I got the mangoes home, they were as hard as raw carrots. I guess they weren't ripe yet, because they sure didn't taste like the exotic looking peaches I thought I was buying. This is the problem with buying fruit. I can never tell when fruits and vegetables are ripe. It's much easier to buy cheese, or frozen pizza, or chocolate.  Janet will probably come home with a nice ripe mango and ask me why I bought these.

I didn't get nearly as much done as I thought I would today. I get easily sidetracked by trivial things and this morning when I turned on the computer, I noticed that the favicon on my website was gone. Favicons are those little 16x16 pixel square images you see on the menu bar when you bookmark a website in a browser. It doesn't even matter whether your website has a favicon or not, but I was determined to figure out where mine went. I looked at the HTML code. I tried uploading a new favicon icon to the server. I looked on Google for alternate ways to code the favicon script. Nothing worked. I finally decided that my ISP must have just turned off favicon support on the Apache web server. I put my little favicon icon on a different server that I had access to and referenced the URL back to my landing page. Everything works now. Time spent on this worthless endeavor: three hours.

I also opened up a Pinterest account and began pinning all my Instagram pictures. I never really liked Pinterest before, but when I discovered how easy it was to take the pictures that are for sale in my InstaCanvas Gallery and pin them on a Pinterest board, I was all in. I've got so many apps connected to other apps now that I never know what's going to turn up on Facebook or Twitter. I still write the blog by hand each and every evening, but everything else you see online is more or less automated.

I think the dogs are going to get a bath tomorrow. They've gotten themselves so dirty that they feel sticky when you pet them. Dash is the dirtiest. I have a feeling that a few of his spots are just dirt and are going to wash off when he gets his bath tomorrow. We'll go to the dog park first. Giving dog a bath before you take them to a dog park would be pointless.

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  1. John, next time you want to buy fruit, use your nose. If it smells good, then it probably is good. Dogs have already figured this out. This method won't work on watermelon. I never trust fruit that has already been cut, for the reason you stated.

  2. Sorry about the mango. I can't stand buying unripe fruit. Our dog desperately needs a bath too. He is stinky.

  3. I like your gallery. Seems like an interesting idea. However, I have remained a Luddite about my phone. I have a tiny flip phone that fits in my pocket and will use it until it dies. They make nothing that small any more to replace it with. So... I don't think I could play this game. Of course, when it dies, I'll have to make choices. I'd love a Galaxy Note- but can't afford it of course, and then I'd feel obligated to be connected to people even more. Blah.

    I quit Pinterest when I learned that we can get in big trouble for pinning pix from other people. Didn't read the Terms carefully and just followed what others are doing. But maybe I should start again and pin stuff of my own that links to my blog and my nature photo pages.

    Sorry about the fruit. Sometimes one just doesn't pick the right thing. I'm not sure how I'd choose a mango that was in plastic wrap- need to feel it, I think.