Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 989

I knew this was going to happen. I've finally used up the stack of pre-printed FedEx forms that's been sitting in my desk drawer for ten years. Without the forms, I have no idea what my FedEx account number is, so I take my packages down to the FedEx office to find out. They've never heard of me. "But I've been coming to this office for almost fifteen years," I tell the woman at the desk. "I must be in your computer somewhere," I say. "I've used up a two inch thick stack of pre-printed forms mailing stuff with you guys." "We have no record of you." says the woman. "Would you like to set up an account with us?" "But I already have an account," I say. "When was the last time you shipped something," says the woman? "I know I shipped something last year," I say. The woman starts laughing. "You're an inactive account," she says. "We deleted you."

I finally get my packages shipped and go home to feed the dogs. They both want to lay outside in the backyard after lunch, but the mosquitoes are back. After all the spraying the city has done this Summer, there are still just as many mosquitoes as there ever were. Two friends of ours in the neighborhood have already caught the West Nile Disease. They said for them it was like a bad case of the flu. I wonder if I've been infected as well. Some people just don't show any symptoms. All I know is that I've been bitten by a ton of mosquitoes this Summer. I guess I'll find out when I have my annual physical next month. West Nile Virus antibodies do show up in blood work.

After a week of feeling like I've had too much to do, I've just about caught up with my workload. By this weekend, I think I will have caught up completely. With a three day weekend coming up, having nothing to do appeals to me. Maybe Janet and I will think of something fun to do with the dogs on Labor Day. 

Since things are more or less back to normal, I'll be looking for somewhere interesting to have breakfast tomorrow. I may even venture out of the neighborhood.

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  1. Staples deleted my account because I hadn't ordered something in X months. Give me a break! And I lost all my bookmarked favorite items. 10,9,8...