Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 766

Although my Northern readers might not believe me, it was eighty degrees in Dallas today. I walked the dogs wearing a T-shirt and we were all hot by the time we got home. It's hard to believe it's January. We saw people out flying kites in the park today. This type of Winter weather is one of the reasons I enjoy living down South. I'll admit that I am getting confused about my furnace problems though. I'm hesitating to call the repair folks again while it's this warm, because I'm afraid that when they arrive, I might have the air conditioner running. I just need to remember that no matter how warm it might be today, it could still be below freezing next Monday. Texas weather is totally unpredictable.

I finished the week by getting caught up on just about everything. My two big website remodeling jobs are complete and I don't think there are any stray writing jobs hiding on my desk either. This means the weekend is totally free for chores I don't want to do. If the weather stays nice, I think I'll trim all the dead branches off the Photinia Bushes in the back yard. Years ago, these bushes used to be a nice looking hedge, but they've grown unruly in recent years. Some of them have grown into full fledged trees. I'm not very picky about gardening. To me, if it's still green, it's great.

Janet and I are going to pick up a new Dalmatian named Molly somewhere West of Fort Worth tomorrow morning. Evidently this dog ran away and when the local animal control found it and called the owners, they didn't want it back. "Just keep the dog," they told the pound. This uncaring attitude continues to amaze me. Why do people like this even get a pet in the first place? At any rate, Dalmatian Rescue will find Molly a good home. I'm certain that her second home will be much better than her first.

I'm getting the urge to write songs again. In truth, this songwriting urge is just an excuse to buy gear. I find that I'm lusting after microphones and mixers again. The last time this happened was about eight years ago. I did write and record a few songs, but not nearly enough to justify all the gear I bought. It would be a lot less expensive if I had a craving for chocolate or single malt scotch. I love technology though. It's my downfall.

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