Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 778

There was a thick fog this morning that just begged to be photographed. I think the dogs are getting sick of me carrying a camera along with me on our walks. We'll walk about 30 yards and then I'll stop and take a picture of something. They're pretty patient, but after a mile of so of stopping and starting like this, they just want to walk. The fog was spectacular this morning. As it slowly lifted, it gradually revealed the opposite shore of the lake. At first you would only see the tops of trees, then hills, and finally the entire shoreline. The fog never lasts long. By the time we got home again, it was just a normal partly cloudy day.

My early morning photographic opportunity put me in a good mood, so I fixed myself French Toast and sausages for breakfast when we got home. I lingered over my coffee, because I knew it was all going to be downhill for the rest of the day.

There was a long list of errands today. I had to get heartworm pills for the dogs, some more Henry 209 patch for the roof, some astringent for my face, and halogen light bulbs for the living room lamps. It was probably a good day to do this stuff, because other than some minor website revisions, there wasn't all that much to do at the office.

February is usually when we get our worst Winter weather here in Dallas, but there was certainly nothing wrong with the weather today. It was over 70 degrees for most of the day. The weather was still warm and nice when we went to dog class tonight. A meteor went right overhead during class tonight, but I missed seeing it because I was trying to get Dash to lie down. The meteor must have been pretty close, because I did hear the sonic boom as it went through the sound barrier shortly after everyone spotted it overhead.

Tomorrow, I'm going to attempt to patch the leaking spots I found on the roof last week. I also may try out this new app I downloaded for my iPhone today. It's supposed to tell you if there is good food nearby. I always like to know if there's good food nearby.

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