Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 781

I did all my normal weekend shopping today and was amazed at the crowds in the supermarket. People were filling their buggies with huge amounts of meat, liquor, and unhealthy snack foods. I've come to realize that the Superbowl is just as much about eating as it is about football. The grocery industry must love this day. To a grocer, this day is probably better than Christmas. Janet and I aren't having a Superbowl party tomorrow, but we definitely did our part for gluttony by getting burgers, ribs, and Shiner Beer for the big event.

All I came home with was food on today's shopping excursion, but when Janet came home a few hours later, she had food, along with a brand new sewing machine. This wasn't any ordinary machine either. It was a Husqvarna Viking. OK, I'll admit that I'm a little more interested in sewing than most guys. Hey, I like Project Runway too. There was a time when I could sew really well. I've sewn my own goose down sleeping bag and sewed myself a backpack full of complicated zippered pouches and compartments as well. I think I even sewed myself a pair of leather pants back in my college days. I haven't touched a sewing machine in years, but I immediately recognized this new machine as a world class contender. You can even program the thing to sew lettering. If Janet will let me use it, I'll have to sew my company logo on all my black t-shirts.

Dalmatian Rescue has done so well at finding homes for the dogs this year that there are only two dogs left in the program right now. We went up and walked Maverick and Molly today and remembered the days when there were 25 dogs to walk. It's much better now that Dalmatians aren't a popular breed anymore. When the 101 Dalmatian Disney movies were popular, we were overrun with abandoned dogs. Now, I think it is the small breed rescue groups that have the most problems. Pugs, Chihuahuas, Bichon Frises: these are the dogs that are being abandoned these days.

We went out for dinner tonight at Cafe Lago. We were planning to take the dogs along with us, but by dinner time the weather had gotten far too cold to sit out on the pet friendly patio. It's supposed to be near freezing by tomorrow morning. Probably leaving the dogs at home was a good idea. Dinner was far more relaxed this way. I even had a glass of wine tonight. I very rarely drink anymore for health reasons, but every once in a while, it's nice to remember the way it used to be.

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