Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 785

I got a note from my tenant today saying that she was moving out in March. Oh, well. This one stayed over two years, which is a lot longer than some of my tenants. The young ones never stay very long. They fall in love. They find a new job. They evolve into something new, and then they're gone. The older tenants stay a lot longer, but they eventually get so grumpy that you wish they would leave.

I don't really like being a landlord. The renters never take care of the place very well and I'm always horrified to discover that they've taken the lovely white interior and painted the rooms some atrocious color. I think it says you can't paint right in the lease, but nobody seems to listen. Renters start to think it's their house until something breaks, and then they call me immediately to fix it. I really should just sell the place, but the younger crowd who likes the mid-century architecture can't seem to qualify for a mortgage anymore. Nobody seems to be able to come up with a down payment unless their parents give it to them. If I'd sold the rent house ten or twelve years ago, before the bubble burst, it would have been a good investment. I don't know if anything is a good investment anymore.

I lost the lens cap on my camera this morning while I was walking the dogs and discovered that Dot and Dash hate to retrace their steps. I was determined to find the lens cap, since little things like this are almost impossible to buy separately. Eventually, I found the elusive cap, but Dot and Dash certainly weren't any help. They were continually pulling on the leash to go in the opposite direction.

Somebody brought a really aggressive dog to training class tonight. Luckily, the dog was in the beginner's class instead of ours. Nobody in any of the classes wanted to go anywhere near this dog. I felt sorry for the owner. I'm sure she adopted the dog from a shelter, thinking she would give it a better life. You can never rest easy with an aggressive dog though. Even with the best training and care, you can never, ever let down your guard. If you adopt a dog like this, you are always going to wonder if today is the day your dog is going to snap. There are far too many nice, gentle dog who need good homes. I would avoid the mean ones.

It's going to get real cold again tonight. I'm pretty sure that this is what the rest of our Winter will be like. One day it will be 70 degrees and the next day it will be below freezing. That's just the way it is in Texas. We'll have a few really nice days in April and then it will suddenly be too hot again.

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