Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 801

I was surprised to receive a plate of French Toast this morning when I went out for breakfast. I thought I had ordered a waffle, but then I remembered thinking waffle while actually saying the words French Toast. Oops. I do stuff like this more often than I care to admit. Later in the morning when I was paying a stack of bills, I realized I had paid Janet's cell phone bill instead of mine. Oops again. Hey, it's an easy mistake to make. Our bills are as similar as french toast and waffles. We both have iPhones and our names both start with a J. Occasionally, my lack of attention works in my benefit though. I was surprised to get a check almost immediately from my newest client and then realized I had forgotten to include the words "30 Days Net" on my invoices like I usually do. They must have assumed my terms were pay on receipt.

Texas weather continues to confuse me. The temperature must have dropped 30 degrees last night. Instead of yesterday's Springlike conditions, I was forced to dig my down jacket out of the closet again. Back and forth it goes like this. Tomorrow it could be 80 degrees again. At least the furnace is still working. It would be embarrasing to have to call the furnace guys out for a fourth time this Winter.

We're going to go up to the boarding kennel tomorrow and walk Odie and the other Dalmatians. I don't think we'll be bringing Odie over to the house again this time. Dot made it pretty clear last week that two Dalmatians were enough. We'd like to see Odie again before he finds his forever home though. He's already getting some interest and I have a feeling he's going to find a home quickly.

I turned in this month's assignment for my writer's group this afternoon. The topic this time was "Patience." I've got lots of patience. I just don't know what I'm waiting for.

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