Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 813

I had another photo shoot today. Luckily, the client wanted me in and out in a hurry, so I didn't have to drag two hundred pounds of lights and backdrops along with me. This time, I just put a little on-camera flash in my bag and that was that. Inevitably, when I arrive for these employee photo shoots, everybody claims that they weren't given any notice and they didn't know I was coming. I knew about this two weeks ago, so surely somebody else must have known as well.

Today was one of those rainy days that result in dirty dogs and a lot of laundry. It didn't really rain hard. Just enough to get the car, the dogs, and everything else dirty. I didn't even bother to go up on the roof today, because I was too busy. I'm sure I'll have to deal with the standing water on the roof tomorrow though.

I found out today that there is a house right next to my rental property that will be going on the market at exactly the same time as my place. Damn! It's hard enough to rent this place anyway. The last thing I need is competition. Maybe there will be two people who want to live in the neighborhood. I'd really rather just sell the property, but then I'd be forced to deal with real estate agents, which I try to avoid at all costs.

We didn't go to dog class tonight. Janet had a business function she needed to attend and it rained anyway, so it was a good night to stay home. I got an earlier start on writing the blog and the two dog got an earlier start on their evening nap.

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