Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 818

Decisions, decisions. When I went to the storage warehouse today, I noticed that there was a much larger storage unit available right across from mine. I've been wanting a larger unit for quite a while, so I went to the manager and asked how much more it would be to upgrade to this larger space. The manager told me that I could move to the larger storage space if I wanted, but that I would lose the entire discount I had received earlier by paying for my storage space in advance. What? This seemed ridiculous. I thought they would just pro-rate the new space based on the additional square footage I would be occupying. I should have known. If you want something that someone else has, you almost always have to pay for the privilege.

If somebody wants you on the other hand, there are all kinds of deals available. I've been getting these flyers in the mail from U-verse lately, offering what appears to be fantastic deals if I will switch from my cable provider to their service. Since U-verse is offering a telephone, television, and internet bundle for less than what I currently pay for phone service alone, I keep thinking there's got to be a catch. Cable was pretty reasonable too when we first got it installed, but the cost has kept going up dramatically every year since. Maybe U-verse really is a good deal, but I keep thinking that the minute we abandon our cable service, the U-verse will start acting flaky and we'll want the cable back.

I got a call from the HVAC folks today saying that the cost of the new gas valve required to keep my furnace limping along for another year or so is over $400. Since it was warm today, I'm thinking about just waiting until Fall and then getting an entirely new furnace. The only trouble with waiting until Fall is that I might have already wasted the money for the new furnace on something else. I think the yearly rent on the new large storage space I've got my eye on is almost exactly the same as the cost of a new furnace.

Life is complicated. If I could just bring myself to throw stuff away, I wouldn't need a new storage space in the first place. Of course, if I could bring myself to start wearing sweaters indoors, I probably wouldn't need a furnace either.

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