Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 825

Everything seems to be falling apart lately. Today I discovered that the final spin cycle on the washing machine doesn't work anymore. A washing machine without a spin cycle is just a lot of wet soggy clothes, so I spent some time today looking for a repairman. The current front loader is the first washing machine we've had that didn't come from Sears. It used to be that just about everyone bought their major appliances from Sears. It was hard to go into anyone's kitchen without seeing the word Kenmore somewhere. Those days are long gone. We got the current washer and dryer from Lowes, who unlike Sears, doesn't service what they sell. I looked on the Internet for someone who repaired our brand of washing machine and found three names. I called the name with the best looking website and still haven't heard anything back. Maybe the guys with ugly websites are more responsive. I'll keep looking. I hope I can find someone soon. I certainly don't want to resort to going to laundromats again.

I've been waiting all day for the big storm all the TV weathermen have been telling me about. This is the storm that is supposed to bring eight inches of rain and maybe a tornado our way. Luckily, I was able to get both the morning and evening walks for Dot and Dash completed before the rains actually started. It's raining right now. I wouldn't call this a giant storm, but there is definitely enough water coming down to create a giant pond on the roof. We'll see tomorrow whether all the patching I did yesterday did any good.

My renter has finally moved out. I always hope the place will be spotless when a tenant leaves and am usually disappointed. The kitchen was pretty clean this time, which is always a good sign. Unfortunately, there were large metal wall anchors everywhere where pictures and shelves used to be. If you just paint over the wall anchors, it looks ugly and it you remove them completely from the sheetrock, there is usually some major patching to do. The stone floor is a mess too. Lots of candle wax spilled on the floor and a couple of big sticky spots where it looks like someone was using spray adhesive for craft projects. I could spend a couple of days down at the rent house and get everything looking shipshape again. Alternately, I could hire a handyman to fix things for me and probably not be happy with the results. I seldom have two days of free time and even less frequently have a good handyman at my beck and call. This is why it usually takes me forever to get the rent house ready to rent again.

Tomorrow, I'm a medical taxi. I take Janet in for dental surgery in the morning and Dash over to the vet for his antigen shot in the afternoon. I'm sure there will be some work to do as well.

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