Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 844

Every day that I go down to the rent property to fix things up, I find something else wrong. Today, I went down to paint, and when I was cleaning up my tools, I discovered that the garbage disposal in the kitchen was broken. Hmm. Funny that my renter never mentioned this. A lot of the problems I'm finding are little and could possibly be overlooked. Unfortunately, they cumulatively add up to a big mess. Almost a month after my tenant moved out, I still haven't gotten the place ready to lease or sell. To add insult to injury, I was tired and stumbled into a freshly painted wall toward the end of the day and got wet paint all over my jeans. Now, I'm going to have to add a plumber to my growing list of expenses. I don't think this renter is going to get all of her security deposit back. Today, I didn't feel like giving anything back.

Earlier in the day, Janet and I went up to The Velvet Snout and took Odie to the vet to get his stitches out. When we returned, we took pictures of the three newcomers: Milo, Bunnie and Crosby. I haven't had time to build webpages for the new guys yet, but they'll be up on the Dalmatian Rescue site soon. All three are gentle, wonderful dogs. You really have to wonder why dogs like these ever wind up at the pound in the first place. At least the ones we find will get a second chance. I actually think Molly will be going to her new home today.

I wonder what ever happened to relaxing weekends. I vaguely remember weekends where the big activity was going to a gallery opening or trying out a new restaurant. Not anymore. These days, weekends are just an endless stream of chores. Even if I could put all the problems with the rent house behind me, there's still a world of hurt at our own house. I think one of the lines to the dishwasher has sprung a leak. I need to find a plumber for this too. Too bad I can't get a two for one deal on plumbers. Not very likely! It will be one service call for our house and another for the rent property. The grass is a problem too. The grass in the front won't stop growing and the grass in the back won't start growing. Maybe if it stays dry for another few days I can go up and survey my roof patches. I think I'm making progress because during the big tornado day last week, nothing leaked at all.

The dogs have none of these burdens on their shoulders. They're just wondering if they'll get to go to the dog park tomorrow. Don't worry. They'll get to go. Unless somebody at city services decides to close the park for Easter, a trip to the dog park is the first thing on tomorrow's list.

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