Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 852

I managed to get about a third of my stuff moved over to the new storage warehouse today. The whole process of moving is a bit like an archeological dig. Today, I uncovered the entire PA system for my old band, a high performance windsurfer that would probably get me killed if I ever took it out on open water again, and a nice old leather motorcycle jacket that somehow lasted a lot longer than the motorcycle. Another couple of weeks and I'll probably have everything moved. Then the hard part starts. I've got to decide what to throw away. Probably a lot of old Macintosh computers won't make the final cut. What good are these things anymore? They don't even make good doorstops. They say you need to keep financial records at least three years. I've got some that go back at least thirteen years. Maybe they can be tossed as well. All the cameras stay.

I watched the tribute to Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes tonight. What an amazing life that guy had. I think he met just about every person of significance that ever lived. I've met relatively few famous people in my own life. I remember having dinner with Rudee Vallee and his wife at their house near Mulholland Drive. I remember listening to Larry Storch tell me how to hypnotize a chicken. I got invited on stage once by Steppenwolf back when they were really popular. I remember eating fried chicken with Richard Petty while filming a television commercial and realizing the guy was stone deaf from all those years on the NASCAR tracks. For the most part, my life has been fairly solitary though. Sometimes I envy people like Mike Wallace. I think you learn something from every person you encounter in life. I've learned a few things, but not much lately. How much can you really learn from two Dalmatians?

The dogs didn't get to go to the dog park today because the weather was pretty marginal. Instead of racing around smelling other dogs butts, they sat under my desk at home while I built new webpages for Betsy and Bogart, our newest members of the Dalmatian Rescue Program. As the day progressed, the weather improved and by dinner time, we were able to take our regular evening walk. Dot and Dash got the exercise they needed and I got a few more pictures of birds and squirrels.

Tomorrow I need to remember to pay my First Quarter Estimated Taxes, as well as a few overdue bills. I also need to call the plumber again. I've figured out what the problem is at our house. It's just not something I can fix myself. There's always something that needs to be done. As much as I'd like to sleep in to 10 AM every morning, I don't think it will ever happen.

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