Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 877

The plumber came today. Need I say more? The dogs hate it when repairmen come to the house and the result of these visits is usually total chaos. Dot barks so loud and so frantically that I'm surprised I'm not already on some sort of repair blacklist. Today she worked herself into such an agitated state that whenever she barked, little bits of poop shot out her back end like a rocket. I think I had a bigger mess to clean up than the plumber. While he was snaking out the lines and getting rid of some awful look black sludge, I was cleaning up after Dot the canine poop cannon.

Everything works fine now though. The dishwasher doesn't leak anymore. The sluggish drains run freely. Even the toilet seems to work better. Who know how long this watery bliss will last though. Plumbing problems seem to recur with regularity at our house.

My new website is almost finished. This phase of the design is always fun. I put pictures wherever I want. I choose colors with reckless abandon. Everything is placed precisely where I want it to go. When everything is perfect, I show the site to the client and then we start over again. I think most websites look their very best the day before you show them to your client for the first time.

My real estate agent called and told me he had already shown my rent property to two prospective buyers. He said both of them really liked the place. Of course, that doesn't mean that anyone will make me an offer. Even if they do make me an offer, it doesn't mean the banks will give them a loan. Buying and selling property isn't nearly as easy as it used to be.

At least it's Friday tomorrow. I can't decide where I want to have breakfast this week, but I'll be sure to let you know.

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