Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 878

Another rainy day. The Spring downpour stopped just long enough for me to walk the dogs, but it was pretty wet the rest of the day. I made two trips up to the roof. The first was completely futile. It started raining again while I was clearing the water away. The second trip, just before dinner, seems to have done the trick though. The rain has finally stopped and the roof is clear of water. All the rain we're having this week isn't totally bad news however. What's bad for the roof is good for the lawn. The new grass in the back yard loves the rain. Maybe I ought to plant grass on the roof. It might help insulate things a little better and it would certainly grow. The roof has all the water a thirsty plant needs.

I'm starting to get bored with my Friday breakfast outings. I've tried everything on the menu at my regular restaurant and there are actually only two things I like at the trendy restaurant down the street. I don't feel like driving out of the neighborhood, because I've still got work to do on Fridays. I don't really feel like cooking either. Such a dilemma. I went out and had a waffle this morning, mostly to avoid eating a cold bowl of shredded wheat for the third day in a row.

I picked up two watches from the watch repairman this afternoon. I need to remember to take my reading glasses when I pick up watches. Everything looked fine at the store, but when I got home, I noticed that only one watch had been fixed. The other one looked like nothing had been done to it at all. The scratched crystal I wanted them to replace was still in place and the little luminous dots I wanted them to add to the dial were nowhere to be seen. Now, I've got to go back to the store and ask them what, if anything, they did. I definitely paid for two repairs.

Just one day after the plumber was at the house I get a letter in the mail from the plumbing company. It was one of those "thank you for the opportunity to serve you - will you please fill out this survey" letters that I find so irritating. I think companies should put a lot more effort into training their technicians and a lot less effort into public relations. The plumber was a nice guy, but he asked to use my tools when he didn't have what he needed in the truck. He left the cap off the exterior drain when he left, and he forgot to tell me that he had turned off the garbage disposal at the breaker box. I don't think I'll fill out the survey. I don't really want to get the guy in trouble. To his credit, he did fix the dishwasher leak.

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