Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 902

I don't know why I even bothered to get out of bed this morning. By the time I'd finished getting my car towed to the Land Rover dealer and gone through the hassle of finding a rent car, the day was half over. Usually, the dealer gives me a loaner Land Rover when I take my car in for service. They didn't have any vehicles available today though, so I had to rent a car from Enterprise. I ended up with a Chevy Cruze. Definitely not my favorite vehicle! I think the Cruze is supposed to be Detroit's answer to the Honda Civic. To me, it's just a piece of junk. Honda, Kia, Toyota and many others all make better low priced cars. Hopefully, I'll have my Defender back soon.

When I got home, I noticed that the TV wasn't working. Then I noticed that the Internet wasn't working either. When I tried to call AT&T tech support, I noticed that even the phones didn't work. My U-verse was dead. Since I couldn't remember my U-verse account number, I drove down to the AT&T store in the miserable Chevy to ask for assistance. The sales guys found my account number and told me to call an 800 service number on my cell phone. I had hoped they would tell me what was wrong, but I guess I shouldn't have expected any more from AT&T. Eventually, I ended up talking to an outsourced technical support guy in the Philippines. They ran a remote diagnostic test on my system and told me that someone had cut the fiber optic cable somewhere between the server and my house. I wasn't getting a broadband signal at all. Supposedly, technicians were already working on the problem and would have things working again in three hours. Eight hours later, things still aren't working. Luckily, I still have my little T-Mobile 4G hotspot. Without the hotspot, I would have been dead in the water today. I called AT&T again this evening to get an update on repairs and was told that a technician was scheduled to come out sometime tomorrow. I wonder what happened to the guy who was supposed to be working on the problem today?

Dash has to go to the vet to get his teeth cleaned tomorrow morning. This is a very routine procedure, and my vet is very good, but I still worry. I think any time you have to use anesthesia, it is serious business. Year ago, I had a friend who took his dog to the vet to have its teeth cleaned and the dog died. After all these years, I still haven't forgotten that. Having an older dog with gum disease can be serious too, so I always go ahead and have the dogs teeth cleaned whenever the vet recommends it. I'll be glad when it's over though. I don't even like to have my own teeth cleaned.

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