Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 935

There's one guaranteed way of making it rain. All I have to to is go to Home Depot and buy a bunch of things that would be handy in a drought. Since it has been pretty dry for the past several weeks, I picked up some soaker hoses to water the Photinia bushes. I got another sprinkler for a hard to reach spot in the back of the yard. I even got some more Henry 209 Roof Patch. The rain started before I even got home.

I've got mixed emotions about rain in the Summer. I still have roof problems whenever it rains, but the yard really needs the water. You really can't have a dry roof without the worry of a dead yard. Today's rain was brief, but it packed a wallop. High winds knocked over a large construction crane, and then blew a man off a paddle board on the lake behind out house.

Since I was stuck in the house waiting for the rain to stop, I thought I'd try hooking up a MIDI keyboard to my computer. The keyboard had been hooked up to an older computer for years, but I had kind of lost interest in it. When I plugged it into my current computer, the keyboard didn't work at all. This initiated a long Google search to see what the problem was. I finally got the thing to work after a fashion, but the real problem is that Apple has no interest in staying compatible with older equipment anymore. This keyboard was just one of many things that worked perfectly on my older Macs, but has compatibility problems now.

I had a hard time getting the dogs to go on their evening walk. Dot kept hearing thunder off in the distance and didn't want to go outside. It didn't matter to her that the storm was over and the thunder was headed away from us. She was having no part of it. Eventually, the skies returned to normal and I took the dogs on their walk. They both refused to poop though, so it was kind of a wasted effort.

Maybe the weather will be better tomorrow. Then again, it might rain. That's the way it is during the Summer in Texas. You just never know.

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