Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 936

I wonder how Sunday got to be chore day? It's been chore day for so long now that I can't even remember how the tradition started. In fairness, we do go to the dog park on Sundays, and that certainly isn't a chore. Today we met some other Dalmatian owners at the park and the dogs all had a great time. The dogs went to sleep when we got home, but I went to work.

I got one of those long poles with a saw at the end and trimmed dead branches off the big Oak trees in the back yard. You'd think it would be hard to even reach the branches, but actually it was quite easy. I took the pole saw up on the roof and this additional height allowed me to reach quite a few dead branches. Having a flat roof can actually be useful at times, by providing a platform for all sorts of other activities.

I was hot and tired by the time I got the tree trimming finished, so I spent the rest of the afternoon inside, updating an animal rescue website. I don't think I'm as familiar with these animals as the volunteers who send me the pictures. After I made brand new pages for several of the animals, I discovered that many of them already had an active page on the website. Oops. Duplication wasn't what I was aiming for. I did make progress though. Maybe in a week or so, I'll have the site current again.

A friend of Janet's gave her some tomatoes she'd grown in her garden the other day, so Janet made a tomato casserole tonight. I'm typically a big meat eater, but this casserole was so delicious that it made becoming a vegetarian sound tempting. I think the only ingredients were tomatoes, celery, onions, toasted croutons, and some spices. There's nothing like fresh tomatoes. Delicious! They are so much better than the grocery store variety. We try to grow tomatoes ourselves periodically, but they never reach maturity. The squirrels always eat them before we get a chance.

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