Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 937

I got a request for the recipe for yesterday's tomato casserole. I'm usually happy to oblige with requests like this, because it shows that someone is actually reading the blog. I actually feel like a proper mommy blog now. Hey, tasty recipes and nice doggie stories. What more could you want? Truthfully, I'm in awe of mommy blogs. Somehow, I don't think guys with Dalmatians would ever qualify for their own special blog category. At any rate, I hope you enjoy the recipe.

I managed to finish updating the animal rescue website I was working on this weekend. I'm sure the site won't stay current for very long. Animal rescue sites are constantly changing as dogs and cats get admitted or adopted.  Nevertheless, it's good to have everything up to date again.

Once I completed my website project, the rest of the day was uneventful. About mid-afternoon I got a request to re-write another writer's article. I tried to weasel out of the job, but the client wasn't taking no for an answer. I never like to revise or re-work other people's writing. I'm just not a very competitive person and it seems distasteful to change someone else's work. Even if the writing is absolutely atrocious, I'd just as soon leave things well enough alone. Truthfully, 90% of advertising writing is rubbish anyway. Why split hairs over who's rubbish is better?

I wonder when the new season of Dr. Who is going to start? I've seen all the old episodes at least three times by now. Sadly, even these endlessly repeating re-runs are more interesting than most of the new shows on TV. I have yet to understand the popularity of shows like 30-Rock and Two and a Half Men. I guess shows like these are still classified as sit-coms, but they're not nearly as well written as shows like Sienfeld or Fraiser. Hmm. Maybe there actually is one category of 'other people's writing' that I wouldn't mind changing. Most of what's on television today desperately needs a re-write.

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