Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 967

Do you know what you get after an August rain in Texas? You get steam. After an unexpected downpour this morning, I climbed up on the roof to remove the water and was greeted by clouds of steam rising from the rapidly evaporating water. I guess I should thank the sun for helping me get the water off the roof, because it wasn't all that long before the roof was completely dry again. Although I usually dread rain, today's shower was welcome. The grass and shrubs in the yard got some much needed attention. The areas on the roof that I patched last month appeared to hold and there were no discernible leaks. Since the rain came without the usual thunder and lightning, Dot and Dash weren't even all that upset. Although today's shower was welcome relief, it's going to take more than a single day of rain to turn things green again. It's still very hot and dry.

I saw this new website called Instacanvas this morning that claimed it could take all your Instagram pictures and turn them into large frameable canvases that you could sell online. Cool! Since passive income is the holy grail of most bloggers, I immediately requested to join this site. They couldn't have made it more complicated to set up a gallery if they tried. First, you had to send a message to your Facebook friends and ask them to request to see your gallery of photos.  Then you had to do the same thing on Twitter. Finally, you had to take a photo of their invitation to join and upload it to Instagram. Phew! Suddenly this whole thing wasn't nearly as interesting. Something this complicated will probably never work. I'm still hoping to set up a gallery on this site though. I take a ton of Instagram pictures and I never expected that any of them would earn me a dime of income. If it turns out that a few people actually want to buy prints of these pictures, that would be great.

This morning's rain cooled things down by at least fifteen degrees, so I was hoping that dog training class would be pleasant tonight. No such luck. The temperature was cooler, but there was absolutely no wind and the air was so humid and muggy you could cut it with a knife. Once again, the dogs thought we were crazy for taking them out of a nice air conditioned house for something like this.

I'm still fascinated by the new pictures coming from the Curiosity rover. Did you see the picture of Curiosity floating to the surface of Mars at the end of its parachute that was taken by another satalite orbiting the planet? Amazing! They say that if this picture was snapped even one second later, it wouldn't have captured anything. I used to love astronomy when I was in high school. I never was good at physics and math though. That's probably why I ended up in advertising. You don't have to be good at math to excel in advertising. Truthfully, you don't really have to be good at anything.

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