Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 973

Klout has been monkeying around with its algorithm again. My score went from 48 to 64 overnight. I can't put much credence in this newly elevated score however. I remember the last time Klout changed their algorithm, my score dropped from 60 to 30 overnight. You just wonder if anybody takes this seriously anymore. This company has reinvented itself so many times in the past two years that it makes your head spin. My Klout "style" has gone from Feeder, to Networker, to Specialist, to Broadcaster. I haven't changed a thing. I pretty much still ignore everything except for the blog. Even though the company is silly, I will admit to liking the Klout perks. Klout perks are custom made for a solitary person like me who measures the success of his day by what comes in the mail.

My primary contact at one of my clients has left to take a new job. I wonder what this means for me. Sometimes the new guys are pleased to find someone already in place who knows the ropes. Other times, they want to bring in their own suppliers and you get unceremoniously dumped. This one could go either way. I'll just have to wait and see.

While I'm waiting, I can occupy myself by re-learning how how to use a piece of gear I need for an upcoming job. I haven't used this gadget in over a year and I don't think I even remember how to turn it on. Remind me to never buy anything that comes with a 100 page instruction manual again. As my ability to handle complexity slowly diminishes, I find that I am using my iPhone for just about everything. Hey, the pictures are pretty good. The sound is pretty good. It even takes movies. Most people couldn't tell which pictures came from the iPhone and which came from the Nikon anyway.

I was amused to notice that one of the checks I deposited today was dated July 10th. Nice try guys. As if that was actually going to convince me that the check wasn't two months late. Oh, well. Tomorrow is another day. Will I still have Klout tomorrow? Will my memory for technical details return? Will I manage to finish anything at all? I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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