Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 990

When I was eating breakfast this morning, I noticed that the waiters knew sign language. "That's cool," I thought. I hear waiters speaking to customers in Spanish all the time, but I run into very few who sign. I actually wish everybody used sign language. The world is way too noisy. Year ago, when I worked on the American Airlines account, I proposed that the airline scrap their smoking and no smoking sections on the planes and substitute talking and no talking sections instead. As you might expect, that went over like a lead balloon. I still think it is a good idea though.

Lots of older people go to the restaurant I visited this morning. I've noticed that the older women tend to eat in groups of three or four and are almost always happy and smiling. The old men almost always eat alone and look miserable. The only time when the old women seem to look miserable is when they are dining with their grumpy old husbands. There were a few younger people in the restaurant too. One young woman was wearing a t-shirt that said Kiss Me in the Dark. A bright shaft of light was shining directly on her through the restaurant window. I thought that was funny.

I didn't really get caught up today, but I feel more or less up to speed again. There's only one article left to write and it isn't due until sometime next week. All my websites are current again. My clients are happy with the stuff that I sent out by FedEx yesterday. It seems like a good time to slack off a bit and enjoy the Labor Day holiday.

Dot and Dash have a rescue event to look forward to this weekend. They've both turned out to be good little ambassadors for the breed. Dot likes these rescue events because she gets to be bossy and act like she's running the show. Dash, always the social butterfly, just likes to get petted by strangers.

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