Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 997

A hunger for over-easy eggs on a bed of spicy pulled pork lured me back to the cool restaurant this morning. This place has delicious food and I'd go there a lot more often if it weren't for all the cool people. I'm sorry guys. Your breakfast is good, but I find the cacophony of plastic flip flops, yoga pants and tattoos a bit jarring. Would it kill you guys to wear decent shoes and put on a little makeup? Maybe I'm different. I'll take a crisp white hotel tablecloth, a quiet dining room, an attentive waiter, and some well prepared Eggs Benedict any day of the week.

Today a saw a little kid pulling cookies and muffins out of a rack case at the restaurant and throwing them on the floor. His new age mom didn't even reprimand the kid. She just gave the guy at the register an isn't he cute look and handed him her credit card to pay for the mess. My mom would have whipped my butt if I ever did something like that.

It was a slow work day, but I did manage to get my September invoices posted and in the mail. I wonder if I'll ever get out of the endless cycle of paying bills and then earning just enough money to pay the bills all over again the next month? There's a good chance I'll be locked in this cycle forever if I can't overcome my lust for electronic gear. I got an e-mail from Sound Devices today with a preview of their latest and greatest field mixer. I have an earlier model mixer from this company. It has served me well and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Why do I want this new model then? I certainly don't need it. I dread the day the iPhone 5 is announced later this Fall. There nothing wrong with my current iPhone. In fact, the only thing I use it for is sending pictures to Instagram. I'm sure I'll figure out some reason why I just have to have the new improved model though. That's just the way it is with me. While you guys are reading a good novel, I'm reading catalogs filled with page after page of gear I don't really need.

It was 105 degrees outside today. That's pretty hot for September. Luckily, there's supposed to be a cold front headed our way. If it's cooler tomorrow, Janet and I plan to go take pictures of the new dalmatians in the rescue program. I think there are at least three dogs who aren't on the website yet. Taking dog pictures will break up the day a bit. Otherwise the day will just be a long list of chores.

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