Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 1004

Yay! I began my day with a delicious stack of pancakes. Boo. After the pancakes were gone, nothing much happened.

It was just a routine Friday. I corrected spelling errors on the new website pages I created yesterday. My clients may not be good at providing direction, but they are all experts at finding spelling errors. I changed out one of the employee pictures for a girl who didn't like the photo I had selected. Hey, I try to pick the most flattering pictures, but I don't always get it right. I suspect that a lot of people I photograph wish they had been given the opportunity to wear something nice. I've shot a lot of fashion and I can't say that hospital scrubs bring out the best in most women. Photographing dogs is so much easier. Dogs never have to worry about what to wear.

I think my favorite grocery store has been invaded by an efficiency expert. The cashiers no longer say "paper or plastic" when they ring you up. They just try to give you a chintzy plastic bag unless you protest mightily and demand a paper bag. When I was picking up dinner at the deli counter, I noticed that they now want you to place your entire deli counter order at once. I've been used to ordering one thing and then when it was sitting in my buggy, it would give me the idea for what to order next. Today, they guy behind the counter wouldn't give me my stuff to put in the buggy until I had finished ordering everything. Maybe this was more efficient for the store, but I found the whole experience disorienting. I kept forgetting what I had already ordered and asked for several things twice. It was much better for me to put one thing in my buggy and then think of what would go well with it, adding tasty new items one at a time.

So, that was my day. I didn't worry about the Middle East or wonder who would be elected president. I just corrected spelling errors and got confused at a grocery store. The Dalmatian Rescue group has another casino party fundraiser this weekend. I guess I'm up for the challenge. All I have to do is say "place your bets" over and over again and then spin the wheel.

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