Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 1006

There was a time when I would have spent a day like today curled up with a book. It was a grey drizzly day and I couldn't think of a single good reason to go outside. Janet and Dash went to a Dalmatian event, but Dot and I stayed behind. What has happened to me? Instead of reading, I cleaned the house. After vacuuming, cleaning the electrostatic furnace filters, and doing some laundry, I thought it might be a good time to apply the insect bait that was suppose to eliminate the roaches that come inside on damp days like this. I'd had the roach bait for a long time, but had always postponed using it because it involved taking off the base-plates to all the electric outlets and applying the bait inside the walls.

When I found the tube of gel, I could tell there was liquid inside. This didn't seem right. I had used this stuff once before and it was a thick white gel. I squirted some of the stuff out of the tube and it was now a thin brown liquid. Clearly, I had waited too long and the bait had gone bad. When I got out a magnifying glass and looked at the fine print on the tube, I saw a use by date of October 2003. Oops! I guess I did wait a little too long.

It's a good thing I stayed home though and didn't go with Janet to the event. While I was trying to figure out what had happened to the roach bait, I  heard what initially sounded like someone peeing on the living room floor. It was a bad roof leak. I immediately got out the plastic buckets and started cleaning up the mess. This leak surprised me, because the rain outside was fairly gentle. It had been raining a long time though. As you might expect, there was a change of plan and I spent the rest of the afternoon getting the water off the roof.

When Janet got home later later in the day, I asked if she and Dash had fun at their event. Nope. They had a bad day too. They both got trapped in an elevator at a downtown parking garage and never even made it to their event. Luckily, the elevator finally opened and the water finally quit splashing on the living room floor.

It's just a normal Sunday evening now. A normal Sunday evening means the weekend is almost over and neither of us is looking forward to Monday.

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