Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 1039

The week ended well. I finally got paid on an invoice that was long overdue. A watch that I'd been waiting for arrived in the mail. A picture that I uploaded to Google got 49 +1's. I tried to avoid looking at the stock market today, because I knew it would spoil my good mood.

It's amazing how quickly the year has gone by. It will be Halloween soon. The stores are full of pumpkins and candy. They are also full of Christmas decorations. It appears that the Christmas season starts a little earlier every year. The dogs have a Halloween party every year at their training class. Maybe Dot will go as a diva and wear her Justin Mcmillon dog coat.

You guys probably haven't hear about Justin Mcmillon. He makes a decent living creating custom coats and collars for Dalmatians. Only Dalmatians! Can you imagine a business more specialized than this? Dalmatian owners around the world rave about Justin though. I know people that own four of his coats and claim he is the Karl Lagerfeld of doggie duds. Is this a great country or what! You can do absolutely anything you want, and if you meet a need, you will make money. You go, Justin!

Our beautiful Fall weather continues unabated. I'm enjoying walking the dogs these days. We're right in between the sweaty clothes season and the coats and sweaters season. I can leave the house in a t-shirt and jeans and come home an hour later still feeling comfortable. The dogs love this weather. It would be nice if it would last through November, but it probably won't.

There's absolutely nothing on the agenda for this weekend. I wonder what I'm going to write about tomorrow. I'm sure I'll think of something.

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