Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 1041

Sunday is cleaning day at our house. The floors get cleaned. The cars get cleaned. Even the dogs get cleaned. Although I could daydream in the shower until the hot water runs out, the dogs don't share my sentiments about getting clean. Dot and Dash both hate getting a bath. When we pull up in front of Vheas LaundroMutt, Dot glues herself to the back seat of the car and won't come out. It's quite an effort to get her out of the car, because she's gotten quite good at turning herself into an immovable object. Dash doesn't resist going into the bathing tubs, he just howls the entire time the water is running. Despite all the protesting, the dogs seem to enjoy being cleaner. They don't scratch as much and at least for a little while, their coats feel silky smooth.

I thought I had finished mowing the grass for the season, but our Indian Summer weather has caused the grass in the front yard to start growing again. The grass in the back yard would probably be growing too, if there was any grass. Maybe I ought to thank the armadillo for cutting my mowing chores in half. I can't imagine the warm weather staying around that much longer. Maybe this will finally be the last time I have to get the lawn mower out for the season.

I bought a DVD of that science fiction movie Prometheus when I was shopping this weekend. If you remember, this Ridley Scott film was finally going to get me back into a movie theater again. It didn't. Maybe nothing will ever get me back in a theater again. Movies look pretty darn good on a big flat screen in your house. I've gotten to the point where I just don't like dealing with crowds anymore.

It wasn't always this way. I used to love going to concerts. Crowd certainly didn't bother me when I saw The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, and the Stones. Of course, this was some time ago. Keith Moon was still playing drums when I saw The Who. Liv Tyler wasn't even born yet when I saw Aerosmith. Springsteen wasn't playing stadiums shows when I saw him. I think the theater in Seattle where I saw that concert only seated 3,000 people. I think the last live concert I saw was on August 20, 1983 when Simon & Garfunkel came to Dallas during their reunion tour. That was a good show.

Now, I just watch British comedies on PBS with the dogs. We like Reggie Perrin, Black Books, and Outnumbered. I think I've seen enough of Are You Being Served, however. I'm pretty sure that's what's on later tonight.

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