Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 1053

I was delighted to receive a payment from one of my European clients today. Then, about two hours later, I was dismayed to receive a letter from the medical testing lab saying my liver enzymes were way too high again. It went back and forth like this all day. I was pleased when the FedEx man knocked on the door and handed me the new lens I've been waiting for. On the other hand, I was disgusted to see the price of gold drop $40 an ounce in a single day.

I've noticed something new in Blogger. It says "Your blog is now eligible for Google Affiliate Ads." What's that all about? There's also a new little dialog box with a picture of a camera, a bicycle, a blender, and a running shoe. Evidently if I blog about one of these things, I might make a little money. I don't want to blog about any of these things. Knowing Google, it would be a very little amount of money too. I've been running Adsense ads for ages and have never even made enough to pay my phone bill. I think I'll just ignore these Affiliate Ads.

I had to turn the air conditioner back on today. We are only a few degrees away from an all time record high for November 2. It was almost ninety degrees outside this afternoon. Pretty weird, especially when a lot of the country is already getting snow. I'm happy enough to see the warm weather continue. The office isn't insulated very well, and it tend to get chilly when the weather turns cold.

I hope you folks in New York and New Jersey get your power back on soon. The longest I've ever had to go without electricity was five days. I think it's already been five days for some folks in the Northeast. The things I remember most about our big power outage was that food goes bad in the refrigerator very quickly and there really isn't much to do in the evenings without any electricity.

I didn't get to go out for my Friday morning breakfast today. I had to stay and wait for the FedEx delivery guy instead. My package required a signature and I wasn't about to let the driver take the package to my neighbor's house in my absence. Both my neighbors are like a black hole for misplaced mail. If something gets delivered to their houses by mistake, it can be weeks before I see it again. So, I waited, and waited, and waited. Sometimes there really isn't much to do even with electricity.

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