Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 1057 - Election Day

Today was a light housekeeping day. I paid bills. I renewed my prescriptions at the pharmacy. I balanced my checkbook. I even found time to catch up on my correspondence. What I didn't do was stand in line to vote. I'd already done that earlier during the Texas early voting period.

From the looks of things at my precinct, I could just as easily have waited until today to vote. When the dogs and I walked by the neighborhood polling station on our morning walk, there was no line at all. People walked in, voted, and were out again in just a few minutes. The long lines I kept seeing on television in other parts of the country seemed like they were from another planet. Several people asked if Dot and Dash were going to vote as we walked by. I wish they could. They'd probably make a smarter decision than many people I know.

I made an appointment for an annual physical exam with my doctor today. Usually, by the time my annual physical rolls around, I've seen the doctor so many times that there's nothing new to discover. This year is different. I've hardly been to the doctor at all this year. It's not that I feel all that great. It's just that I've grown weary of learning that my body is continuing to disintegrate. I'm sure I'm just as healthy as most people my age, but that's not saying much. After a certain point, it's all downhill.

I'm beginning to wonder if Klout has any validity at all. I noticed this Summer that my score went up quite a bit after people I don't even know said Happy Birthday to me on Facebook. Now, I'm noticing a similar effect when I get tagged in one of those pictures you see all the time with a big heart and lots of bunnies. Of course, real social interactions don't have any effect on the score whatsoever. I can't complain though. My latest perk is a free selection of Zatarain's Cajun style pasta mixes. WTF? When did Cajuns start cooking pasta anyway?

I like watching the election returns on a night like this. A close race is like watching a good football game. It's still early and I'm not sure what will happen as the evening progresses, but I always enjoy seeing the pollsters and pundits proved wrong. Often, the pundits are right of course, but it's reassuring to see that sometimes the voters still have a mind of their own.

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