Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 1357 - Labor Day

I usually get things backwards on Labor Day. Instead of a day of rest, it's usually a day of labor for me. Since there was a huge downpour last night, I started the day by getting the standing water off the roof. Since the neighbor's pecan tree is already raining down a bumper crop of nuts that the squirrels immediately crack open, the standing water was stained a dark brown by the broken pecan shells. Tannin stains from nuts and leaves have already discolored my pretty white energy efficient roof. As the roof grows darker, it will eventually start absorbing the sun's energy instead of reflecting them the way it is supposed to. This type of roof probably works great in barren warehouse districts where there are no trees. Unfortunately, I have an abundance of large oak trees that are already trying to make a mockery of my new roof.

I had to pick up some prescriptions at the pharmacy this afternoon, so I thought I'd look for a restaurant supply store on the way home and get a small colendar for my cutting board project. I should have known that all the restaurant supply stores would be closed today. Since Walmart, Home Depot, and the shopping malls are all open today, I keep forgetting that the whole point of Labor Day is to give working folks the day off. I came home and started looking for colendars and wire mesh baskets on the Internet instead. Although I found dozens of colendars, I couldn't find one in the size I needed. They were all too big. Then, I thought I might be able to use one those wire mesh baskets that are used in ultrasonic parts cleaners. I found plenty of these things as well, but they were all too small. While I was looking, I also discovered that there were already plenty of ready-made over-the-sink cutting boards with built-in colendars that looked much better than the one I was trying to build. Maybe it would be much simpler to just buy one of these.

Since I'd wasted most of the day already, I decided to waste the rest of it by cleaning my office. The office never seems to get much cleaner after my attempts to straighten, arrange, and declutter, but it still seems important to make an effort. Since I could write my name in the dust that has accumulated on the top of my desk, I thought it might be a good day to do a little dusting. I don't know where all this dust comes from. I never open the windows and I always use the highest rated furnace filters I can find. The dust still finds a way inside though. I might as well be living in a tent.

Janet was a lot more productive than I was today. She set up a sewing factory in the living room and made dozens of fancy dog bandanas for the upcoming Dalmatian Rescue golf tournament. Maybe I'll be more productive tomorrow. It's a work day, whatever that is.

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  1. Someone needs to do that in my office. The sewing project sounds better.