Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 1390

Dot was back at the vet this morning. She started vomiting during the night and continued throwing up until well after sunrise. If Dash throws up, it's generally safe to assume that he ate something he shouldn't have. Dot is a proper lady though. She almost never eats other dog's poop, garbage, or dead things in the park. When Dot gets sick, you've got to take it serious. I kept thinking that her vomiting might have something to do with her recent seizure, so we got her to the vet as soon as possible. We ran another battery of tests, but the results were largely inconclusive. All I can say for sure is that something is wrong.

I was still half asleep the first time Dot threw up. I knew I wasn't going to be able to get her out of the bed in time, so I cupped my hands into a bowl and used them to catch the first round of vomit. Unfortunately, I didn't know what to do with it after that. I couldn't open the toilet seat, since both of my hands were occupied. I ended up throwing the mess in the bathroom sink, which resulting in clogging it. It wasn't a good night.

Dot seems fine now, but to play it safe, I canceled going to the Dalmatian Rescue fundraiser and stayed home to watch over the dogs instead. It's a good thing I did. We're riding out an unexpected  thunderstorm right now, and leaving two seizure prone, storm phobic dogs home alone in this kind of weather is not a good idea.

In between today's rain and unexpected dog emergencies, I managed to get some grocery shopping done and did my best to get caught up with yesterday's unfinished website updates. There was a lot of laundry to do as well. There always is when a dog throws up in the bed. I re-washed all the blankets, comforters and sheets I had just cleaned a few days ago.

Who knows what tomorrow has in store for us. I sincerely hope nothing at all. It would be nice to get a good night's sleep tonight as well. Maybe if the rain clears up, we can all go to the dog park and enjoy the cooler weather in the morning. I think Fall is officially here. The leaves are all dropping off the trees and the temperature dropped 25 degrees today. Even though she is old and tired, Dot still loves the cooler weather. It makes smelling things off-leash at the dog park even better.

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  1. Poor Dot! I'm trying to get caught up reading my favorite blogs.